Florida Sheriff Looking to Return $2 Million in Marijuana to Rightful Owner

A Florida sheriff is hoping to return $2 million worth of marijuana to the rightful owner. The drug was discovered in a mini-storage facility in Viera, Florida, and the owner was urged to return it. The sheriff’s office said that the marijuana is worth over 20 grams, which is a felony in Florida. The sheriff has posted a photo of the stash on social media, where he encourages the “rightful owner” to contact the Narcotics Division to turn it in.

The sheriff’s office says the seized drugs were used for recreational purposes, but the marijuana was sold at a high price in the black market. The sheriff, who works for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, said the woman must contact the Narcotics Division to return the marijuana. The sheriff says she is confident that the woman is the rightful owner, and promised her a staycation in the area.

The marijuana was confiscated by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department, and it was not immediately clear who the owner was. The sheriff’s office contacted the victim via northern lights cannabis seeds Facebook and offered a staycation. In return for his efforts, the person who is the rightful owner of the 770 pounds of pot will receive a staycation at a local hotel.

The sheriff also said that the drug was used recreationally. The arrest took place in the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. According to the sheriff’s office, the suspect has been jailed for more than a year. Despite the marijuana’s high price, the state still considers it illegal. It’s illegal to use the drug recreationally. However, a few states have made it legal to possess small amounts of marijuana.

While it’s illegal to use marijuana recreationally in Florida, the state does recognize the benefits of marijuana. The sheriff’s office posted a message on Facebook on Friday promising the owner a staycation at the nearby Cocoa Beach resort. The post also mentions the fact that the drug isn’t legal in the state. It’s not known whether the arrest will result in the arrest.

While the sheriff is trying to return the marijuana to its rightful owner, the drug’s owner isn’t exactly allowing the DEA to find him. But the DEA has seized marijuana blog the drugs and thrown the drug’s owner in jail, but the sheriff is now able to locate him. This is a huge victory for both the law enforcement agencies.

In addition to the sheriff’s efforts to return the illegal drug to its rightful owner, the department has also taken humorous measures to get the attention of the public. The Department of Homeland Security runs a “Wheel of Fugitive” promotion every week to find a fugitive. It will be the fugitive of the week for the week.

The Department of Homeland Security has also used social media to promote its “Wheel of Fugitive” campaign. Each week, the fugitive is chosen at random and can be spotted anywhere in the world. By putting out the video, the fugitive’s story is given an added incentive to turn himself in. The sheriff’s gamification of social media has been a great way to keep the public informed.

The Department of Homeland Security is known for its humorous approach to the fugitive issue. They have even taken to social media to celebrate their fugitive opportunists. For example, one recent tweet revealed that a sheriff in Florida was trying to return two million dollars worth of marijuana to the rightful owner. The viral tweet was shared in a public forum. The department of Homeland Security is known for its use of humor. Its Wheel of Fugitive promotion determines a “fugitive of the week.”