The UK’s Grow Group Acquires Spain’s Sanoid Major Cannabis Producer

Growing its international footprint, the UK’s Grow Group medical cannabis startup has acquired a Spanish medical cannabis producer, Sanoid Isolates. The acquisition transforms Grow into a vertically integrated cannabis producer, with an eight-hectare sustainable sun-grown production capacity and four high-tech greenhouses. With this acquisition, the company hopes to provide patients across Europe with high-quality cannabis medicines at affordable prices.

In Spain, the country’s government has granted 11 cannabis licenses to grow, cultivate, and process the plant. Spain has a long history of medical cannabis research and production, and commercial production will begin in H2 2020. Spain is a production powerhouse for cannabis medicinal cannabis in Europe. Spain has a huge potential for growth and is leading the way with a growing number of licenses and growing facilities. The challenge for the industry will be achieving the necessary flexibility and adaptability to meet market demands.

As of January 2018, only a handful of thousand patients in the UK are using medical cannabis. The vast majority of these prescriptions are obtained from private doctors. Prices for these medicines can rise to PS2,000 per month. Some patients have severe childhood epilepsy, which can involve hundreds of seizures per day. Advocates say cannabis medicines can make a real difference in their lives.

Sanoid is a Spanish medical cannabis producer. The UK’s Grow Group medical cannabis startup acquired Spains Sanoid last year. This deal was made possible by the Spanish government’s recent judicial reform. seeds marijuana Unlike most medical cannabis companies, Sanoid does not require a license to sell its products. The two companies are aligned with the same goal – to help patients treat the symptoms of their conditions.

The move is significant for two reasons. First, Spain is a conservative jurisdiction. The Spanish government is considering creating a cannabis group to study the medical aspects of the product, which is still under investigation. Second, it’s also important to note that Spain’s legalization of cannabis is largely following the EU’s approach. Spain’s marijuana regulations do not address recreational use, and cannabis has not been used as a food ingredient before 15 May 1997.